I have always loved photography, it’s been a passion and hobby for many years and a huge part of my life; from capturing the most memorable moments of my precious nunus, to timeless memories of my family and friends whilst continually inspired by our community and sustainability.

I literally photograph each step of our journey!

With over 26 years’ experience in the travel industry and corporate world,  specialising in business management and a marketing portfolio.  I love what I do, but my creative side loves other creative initiatives and so I thought they really do need to come together!

I thrive on collaboration, innovation and synergism whilst living life to its fullest!  I’m grateful for life, blessed and thankful for my darling children aka nunus!

CKNU is a side passion project inspired by my precious nunus, love for family, photography and digital creations.  A special dedication goes to Prader-Willi syndrome awareness.

“Photography is a love affair with life.”- Burk Uzzle

My incredible brother passed away in September 2019, he had a unique and rare disorder known as “Prader-Willi Syndrome”, which has inspired me to create awareness and sibling support for those who are blessed with having a family member which you just treasure forever.  I dedicate CKNU to Gary, whilst we captured his passion and zest for life with family, we encourage those around us to embrace life and live to its fullest. 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and thrilled that you found me….so now, I would love to hear all about YOU and dedicate my energy to your journey!  Contact me today.